Where Do You Begin to Create Online Training for Your Organization?


Have you wondered how to begin to create an eLearning course or improve distance learning for your organization? We hear that question and others from clients all the time, especially now that organizations are trying to adapt to delivering training to their audience remotely.

Over nearly 20 years of creating eLearning for clients like you, we’ve learned a lot. So, we’re sharing answers to a few commonly asked questions we hear from clients.

Q: We need to convert our in-person, instructor-led classroom training to a virtual format. Where do we begin? 

A: An eLearning development company is an excellent place to start if you already have up-to-date, approved content. Companies like ours have experienced Instructional Designers on their team who can take your content and easily convert it into online training. An Instructional Designer:

  • Ensures there are measurable learning objectives.
  • Breaks up the content into sections to make it easier to retain.
  • Creates learning activities that engage the learner and increase their retention of the content.
  • Designs Knowledge Checks so the learner has a chance to practice what they have learned before moving on.
  • Writes test questions based on the learning objectives to ensure the learner can master the training topics.

Q: Should we train our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to create eLearning courses or hire new employees to develop them?

A: Maybe. There are many pros and cons to consider for both of those options before you begin. An eLearning professional wears many hats:

  • Software Expert
  • Graphics Designer
  • Audio Editor
  • Tech Detective (identifying and solving technology hiccups)
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Administrator

…so, adding all of this to your SME’s job responsibilities can lead to disaster.

  • If you hire a new employee, make sure the candidate possesses the skills and expertise necessary to hit the ground running.
  • Also, consider if you will have enough training projects to keep that person busy. If you only need training developed from time to time, it is more cost-efficient to work with a company that specializes in producing eLearning training.

Q: Should we purchase off-the-shelf eLearning programs? 

A: Possibly. If your training content is relatively standard, you can achieve your training objectives with a course that doesn’t need any customization.

  • Look for training courses that can be published to AICC or SCORM, so you can upload to your LMS to track student completion and test scores.

Q: We’re the experts in our field, so how could an eLearning company create training for us?

A: It’s a collaborative process! Most companies we work with provide content and access to their SMEs. Our designers know how to ask the right questions to convert your SME’s expertise into an interactive training course. That is our specialty!

  • Working with an eLearning development company can save you money because you can focus on what YOU do best while WE create custom training for your company.

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